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Restaurants/bars should check-in to Foursquare!


As part of my work, I spend much of my time counseling clients on the most effective ways to find current/potential customers/clients and drive preference for their products as well as their brands. This is why I’m so puzzled as to why Foursquare isn’t an instant hit in every bar and restaurant, especially in highly competitive urban centers like Manhattan.

Think about it. For FREE, consumers declare to their friends, as well as the rest of the world, each time they visit a venue. The most loyal and frequent patrons will be bestowed by Foursquare with the honor of being the “mayor” of the venue. No money changes hands, consumers are motivated solely out of recognition amongst their peers and the spirt of competition.

Now ask yourself: if you owned or managed a venue, wouldn’t you want to find a way to entice your loyal customers to make 1-2 extra trips to your establishment per week? In fact, what would you PAY to find out who your most loyal customers are and what would you offer them to let the world know the moment they enter your venue and better yet, offer tips that others should try during their next visit?

Now some establishments have caught on. Starbucks (full disclosure, I’m the newly-minted mayor of the Starbucks on 19th and Park Avenue South, across the street from our offices) is very aggressive in offering discounts on drinks for consumers who have become the mayor of their location.

The only question I have is, why are more venues not doing this? Every venue should offer some sort of incentive (a free drink, $1 off, a free appetizer) to their most loyal of customers. To be sure, most bars do this on their own and will often buy loyal customers a drink, even get your favorite drink ready once they see you walk through the door. However most restaurants have never made a habit of rewarding their favorite customers. And most bars in crowded centers like NYC don’t even recognize their most loyal of customers, opting instead to treat everyone equally as poorly.

Companies today often try to find strategic ways to utilize social media to further their business goals but too many ignore solutions that are right under their noses. After all, who wouldn’t love it if their waiter come to them and declared that after just realizing they are in the presence of the mayor of their restaurant, the desert they were on the fence about ordering is now on the house?

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