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Muse Uses AMC???s ???The Pitch??? to Pitch Racial Diversity to Ad Industry – AgencySpy

Last night I caught AMC’s latest episode of “The Pitch”, in which a resurgent Bozell went up against Culver City-based Muse Communications for the right lead a new campaign for the JDRF aimed at educating millennials with Type 1 Diabetes.

Muse, an African-American owned agency, has also published this commercial entitled “White Space”, which calls for greater diversity within the advertising industry. Few could argue that the advertising industry is in desperate need of diversity across all levels. Take a look and love to hear your thoughts.



Cool Cinegram from Coca-Cola’s Happiness Tumblr


We eat less healthy than we think [infographic]!

If you think ordering a salad will automatically improve your health, take a closer look at the nutritional value. For example, a Chicken Caesar Salad may sound healthy, but order it from the Cheesecake Factory and you are downing a whopping 976 calories. Massive Health looks at our habit of thinking we’re eating more healthy than we actually are.

Via Massive Health.

Eat healthy.

Can the Sixers pi

Can the Sixers pull off a HUGE game 7 win vs the Celtics tonight?

It’s after 5pm SOMEWHERE, right??

The gTar: Meet the iPhone powered Guitar that anybody can play

Incident, a technology company in Santa Clara, CA has come up with the brilliant idea of a guitar powered by an iPhone that they say they built to make it easy for anybody to play music, regardless of experience.

The gTar is a fully digital guitar that lets you dock your phone in the body, load the gTar app, and then play. A set of interactive LEDs along the fretboard will show users how to play. The sensors detect exactly what a user play in real-time and relays each note back to your iPhone, which then produces the actual sound.

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