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Web Designers vs. Web Developers (Infographic)



The CIO: Business Leader of the Future |


How Are People Using Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]


Consumers follow brands cuz they want discounts, people!

How Social Media is Changing the NFL

It’s about time!!!…

The Rise of the Mobile Workforce [INFOGRAPHIC]



One incredible adventure ends, another one begins right afterward!

After 4 1/2 years, I am extremely proud to call myself a Burson-Marsteller alum! It has been an incredible ride and one that has challenged me and made wiser as a result. I found myself really overcome with sadness today, on my last day with the firm as I prepared to leave my family of the last half decade. This may come as a shock to some of you who know me but I’m NOT really an emotional or sentimental guy. I know, shocking! However the sadness I felt was at the same time balanced by the incredible excitement I feel as I prepare to join my new family at Splendid Communications! I’m looking forward to becoming a very active Burson alum while at the same time really getting to know all the folks at Splendid, especially when I see you all in London next month!

How I stack up vs. celebrities ??? in terms of twitter! (INFOGRAPHIC)

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