5 implications for advertisers as TV content moves to iPad and other devices

As the communications landscape continues to evolve and more content producers like Time Warner Cable, Netflix, Hulu and ESPN begin to stream their content to native applications on devices like Apple’s iPad, the advertising industry must work overtime to try and figure out exactly how advertisers can take full advantage of these new opportunities — as well as the challenges that come with them. 

Here are 5 things advertisers need to think about as they consider how their messaging translates from TV to devices: 

1. Intimacy: While desktops and laptops are efficient, hardcore machines for getting work done, smartphones and tables are far more intimate 

2. Interactivity: Think non-linear. Don’t just repurpose TV ads or print ads

3. WIIFM: Translation – What’s In It For Me? 

4. Get validated: Consumer reviews. Consumers won’t take your word for it. 



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