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The Facebook Effect on Relationships [INFOGRAPHIC]


Interesting infographic.


5 things that annoy me about Twitter

Twitter Fail Whale

For the most part, I like Twitter. I really do. However, if the Twitter Gods are listening, I have a few humble suggestions on how to make the service much better and more user-friendly:

1. I can’t “Like” tweets – I know, you’re going to say I can certainly “Favorite” a tweet. But I see lots of tweets per day that make me chuckle or stir thoughts but are not my “favorites”. I just like them. Can you work on that?

2. Hide people I’m following – There are folks I follow who simply post way too much. Like a dozen times per hour! Yes, I know you will say that I can simply “Un-Follow” these people but I would love it if I could hide — or even minimize — the number of times I see updates from someone.

3. Quote ReTweets – It’s maddening that I have this option in the Twitter app for both my desktop Mac and my iPhone but the web version doesn’t allow for this. FAIL!

4. Mark as read – Inevitably if I’m pressed for time, when I scan my feed I tend to look for certain people I follow first. Sometimes I’ll read the articles they’ve linked to but will see others that are interesting that I’d like to follow-up on later but invariably have to sift through all the clutter. It would be great to be able to mark the ones I’ve read as “read” and maybe remove them from the feed, leaving only the ones I’ve yet to get to. Which leads me to….

5. Delete tweets from my feed – Sometimes there are tweets that simply clutter my feed. Yes I know I can list certain people and content but even then, it would be great if I could eliminate tweets that are useless, irrelevant or that I’ve already read and leave the most interesting tweets as I go.

Thanks, Twitter Gods, for your close attention to these suggestions. I’m sure you’re probably working on these as we speak but if not and you guys have some extra time, let’s get on these pronto!


Chris aka @chrisgee

The big picture of Facebook profile photos [infographic] – Holy Kaw!

Interesting infographic! We always knew that photos were a major driver for Facebook profiles but this really paints a picture (no pun intended).

Happy Memorial Day!!!


5 implications for advertisers as TV content moves to iPad and other devices

As the communications landscape continues to evolve and more content producers like Time Warner Cable, Netflix, Hulu and ESPN begin to stream their content to native applications on devices like Apple’s iPad, the advertising industry must work overtime to try and figure out exactly how advertisers can take full advantage of these new opportunities — as well as the challenges that come with them. 

Here are 5 things advertisers need to think about as they consider how their messaging translates from TV to devices: 

1. Intimacy: While desktops and laptops are efficient, hardcore machines for getting work done, smartphones and tables are far more intimate 

2. Interactivity: Think non-linear. Don’t just repurpose TV ads or print ads

3. WIIFM: Translation – What’s In It For Me? 

4. Get validated: Consumer reviews. Consumers won’t take your word for it. 


Most Companies Are Still Clueless About Social Media


Social media has arrived, but companies still aren’t sure what to do with it.

See full article:

Spotted: Quentin Tarantino walking down 20th and Bway with Uma Thurman!