Monthly Archives: November 2010

Anti-Fur Protesters Take Over DKNY’s Facebook Page


Still going on, apparently:

Makes you wonder, does your company/brand have a plan in case an angry social media mob shows up on your digital doorstep?


Transparency: What Brands Appeal to Which Party? – Politics – GOOD


Very interesting! Courtesy of GOOD.

Quote of the day: “I was born complex!”

Sounds of after work ping pong battles can be heard again at work. It’s a beautiful thing!

They’re playing the theme from ROCKY at the Linc. It’s time for some FOOTBAAAAAAALL!!!!!

Wondering what Apple has planned for tomorrow…


Learning to Love HTML5 – Smashing Magazine


I bought both the eBook and paperback versions of this book so that I could read it on my iPad and share it in the office with the team. GREAT resource!