Monthly Archives: October 2010

Words of wisdom on a Friday afternoon! Protect ya neck!!!


Heading to Seton Hall U. with Jill Carapellotti & Bill Kemp speak about the future of advertising

Growing up in Philly I never thought I’d find a STARBUCKS on South Street!!! #GoneMainstreamOnMe


Gap on Disastrous New Logo: “We’re Open to Other Ideas”


Now THIS should be interesting! A day after Gap debuted it’s first new logo in more than 20 years, it released a statement saying that it is crowd-sourcing ideas for a new logo.

Me speaking last Friday on Social Media ROI at the ARPPR Convention


On the balcony in PR, smokin a stogie and groovin to James BROWN!!!!!

Just finished speaking about social media ROI @ PR Profs of Puerto Rico convention.