Monthly Archives: August 2010

Quote of the day: “I’m in the middle Earth of hangover and drunkenness!”

Ha! Nuff said!!!


Overheard at work: “See, you’re in a win/lose situation right now…”

Fellow employee – quote of the day: “You get jumped in and jumped out, just like in a gang!”

Ben and Jerry’s tasting at the Burson NYC offices.


Giving Facebook Places a spin.

Civic duty for the next 6 years? DONE! Bye criminal court. DEUCES!!!

Client compared me to Don Draper! Hopefully they meant the Don of season 1 rather than season 4!

Quote of the day: “In Texas we’re CIVILIZED”

Zach and Tony give a primer on mobile development to the team.


Fan dons Kolb jersey after Eagles security makes him remove McNabb Redskins shirt | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/12/2010

BETHLEHEM – Eagles fan Jim Devlin, the guy Eagles security asked to take off his Donovan McNabb Redskins jersey during the morning session of training camp, appeared for the afternoon practice wearing a red No. 4 Eagles Kevin Kolb practice jersey.

That’s right! Not in OUR HOUSE!!!! Read more…

Ironically, saw Pete Wentz at Starbucks this am while Rockstar 101 played on my iPhone! “I told ya!”


Hollywood has found a new way to market its WORST movies ??? make them in 3D!

Android Soars, but iPhone Still Most Desired as Smartphones Grab 25% of U.S. Mobile Market | Nielsen Wire


Interesting article! While Android is clearly gaining momentum, 21% of Android users want iPhones.

Ari to Lloyd “Find something else to cook for dinner.” Ari is SO WRONG!!! #entourage

Entourage: Ari to Lloyd “Find something else to cook for dinner.” Ari is SO WRONG!!!