iPhone back on TOP!

Two and a half month ago, when I first got my iPad, I wrote a status update stating that My iPhone has iPad envy. There’s no denying that for a couple of months, my iPad ??? the shinier new object at the time ??? had overtaken my venerable new iPod 3Gs as my favorite toy. Today, after upgrading to the coveted iPhone 4, my iPhone has its revenge!!!! I haven’t put it down yet. I’m not sure I know how to!

A few things that stand out:

  • Retina Display: Seriously. The screen is gorgeous! It’s extremely sharp and the depth of blacks are noticeable, even as you watch videos and look at photos you had seen numerous times on your old iPhone. I’m not sure describing it really does it any justice. You really have to see it. It’s simply the best smartphone display on the market.
  • The Design: I can’t help it. I’m a designer and I LOVE good design. Apple never disappoints. The new iPhone is just beautiful to look at and sleek to hold in your hand. Although it’s thinner than the iPhone 3Gs ??? and probably every other smartphone on the market ??? it feels substantial in your hand.
  • FaceTime: I’m having more fun with this than I thought I would! It’s pretty simple. You enable FaceTime in your phone settings and then it becomes an option when you make a voice call as well as when you view someone’s contact info. You simply press the FaceTime button (provided you’re on WiFi) and it initiates a video call. This technology has been around for quite some time via Skype as well as IM but I have to admit, there’s something about being able to walk around and do 2-way video conferencing.
  • LED flash: I take a LOT of photos with my iPhone and one of the more frustrating things about the 3Gs was that it didn’t have a flash. So in dim light, I couldn’t take a photo with my iPhone, which meant I had to know in advance that I wanted to take photos so I could remember to bring my digital camera. BOOOOOOO-RIIIIIIINGGG!!!! I’m all about one device. I have to say that the LED flash makes a big difference. I also welcome digital zoom. Sure, it’s not as good as optical zoom but for a mobile camera, I like having the option of being able to zoom a bit closer to the subject. When I NEED high quality photos, I bring the SLR with me.
  • Editable Playlists: This one flew under the radar, IMO. I’m constantly getting bored with my musical selections and I love having the flexibility to modify my playlists one the fly. Change the order of songs. Delete some songs. Add new ones. All do-able.??
  • The Battery: I’ll have to wait and see whether or not it delivers on the promise of a 40% increase but the batter lasts noticably longer after a full charge.??
  • No issues: The problems with the screen and reception while holding the phone in your left hand are well-documented. FWIW, I have big hands and cradled my iPhone with BOTH hands and didn’t see even one bar go down. And I’ve had no issues with spots on the screen, nor have any of my early adopter pals. Guess some folks have dumb luck?

Personally, even though I’m admittedly an Apple fanboy, I think we Apple lovers benefit from Apple having fierce competition from the likes of Google’s Android. That said, they’d better get to work. iPhone had already been the standard-bearer in the category but I think after the release of iOS 4 and iPhone 4, the competition has a lot of catching up to do, as the iPhone is not only back on top as my favorite device, it’s back on top of the entire category. And waaaay on top!

    2 responses to “iPhone back on TOP!

    1. from one fanboy to another, I’m with you on every point. haven’t had any of the reported issues either (knock), and am typing this on my iPad, which I’ve just picked up for the first time since iPhone 4 arrived, and that’s only because 4 is busy recharging for the first time.

    2. Yeah I noticed that Wired documented the issues but finally noted that none of their writers could duplicate any of those errors. Being in the biz we’re in, all I can say is "good job Apple opposition!!!" Why let the pubs just gush over yet another brilliant product? Of course, it CLEARLY won’t result in anything less than huge blockbuster sales but victory will need to pass for whatever they can get these days. http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2010/06/iphone-4-speed-electrical-tape/

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