My initial iPad thoughts

I have to admit, I played with my toy all night until the wee hours of the morning! There are clear things that iPad does very well and things I’d like to see changed.

The Good

– The display on the iPad is gorgeous! Movies and photos look amazing. ABC has an iPad optimized app where you can see On Demand TV shows and it really showcases the picture quality.

– I find it to be a great reader. For me the backlit screen is very helpful and keeps my eyes from getting fatigued, which has always been an issue with prolonged written text on screens.

– The native apps for iPad are really amazing! So far I like the USA Today app better than the NYT app and ESPN’s ScoreCenter XL is amazing! Even the experience of strolling through the street on Google Maps’ Street View was a lot more fun than on a laptop or smaller iPhone screen. Today I’ll try some native games and an HD film, but so. Far I’m impressed.

– The battery life is a very nice benefit. It came 90% charged out of the box and I only had it plugged up long enough to sync all of my content, which got me to 100%. That was yesterday around 6PM and I’m only down to 45% of the battery capacity. And this is after pretty extensive use.

The Bad

– It’s heavy. Kindle, at under a pound, feels right in the hand whereas iPad feels like it could go on a diet. I wouldn’t switch though. Just something for Apple developers to work on for future versions.

– Typing, as with the iPhone, takes getting used to. It’s far easier for me on day 2 than it was on day 1, however there is a curve and it will likely frustrate some.

– Non-native apps. They kinda suck! Yes you can use you iPhone apps but they appear in a small window and appear blurry when you magnify them to full screen. The native apps are so impressive that the others stand out by comparison. Something tells me that this issue will be resolved the quickest, as I’m sure developers are planning iPad optimized apps as I write this. Overall, I’m pretty happy with my new toy (as evidenced by the fact that I’ve barely put it down in 2 days!

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