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Overheard in NY: You don’t talk about your job, you don’t talk about your mom, I feel no connection to you!


Cousin Rob’s birthday celebration


I keep calling a not-so-new colleague “Matt” instead of his real name, Gary. He’s less than amused!

Overheard @ work: “We’re hoping there’s no abuse during today’s meeting”

The Future of Health Care Is Social

Great article from Fast Company:

Health care is a personal issue that has become wholly public–as the national debate over reforming our system makes painfully clear. But what’s often lost in the gun-toting Town Hall debates about the issue is a clear vision about how medicine could work in the future. In this feature article, frog design uses its people-centered design discipline to show how elegant health and life science technology solutions will one day become a natural part of our behavior and lifestyle. What you see here is the result of frog’s ongoing collaboration with health-care providers, insurers, employers, consumers, governments, and technology companies. You can join the conversation too: this Thursday October 8 at noon eastern, frog will hold a discussion about the future of health care on Twitter (follow the hash tag #futureofhealthcare). You can also download a .pdf version of this article from the last page. – Noah Robischon, editor.

See entire article


s it ironic that I’m celebrating the passage of historic healthcare legislation by firing up a stogie?

Working cocktails with the team.