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Attending a #socialstrategy webinar by @jowang


PR People of Earth – get a clue; the latest blog post from @whatsnext

Saw this at the supermarket. Next rainy weekend! Ha!


My @foursquare profile says only “1 nite out”. Have to update more often or risk permanent damage to my rep!

How the PGA Tour Uses Social Media to Connect with Fans

For sports leagues, social media represents an unprecedented and unparalleled opportunity to connect with fans on a personal level. That’s especially true for non-team sports, such as golf, which tend to be more star driven and benefit greatly from fans making a personal connection with players. The PGA Tour, which operates the main professional golf league in the United States, is a firm believer in the power of social media to serve fans and expand the Tour’s footprint around the world.

“Social media offers opportunities not only to communicate with our fans, but also to offer unique access to the sport,” said Scott Gutterman, the executive producer of, the league’s official web site. Gutterman said that the league hired a dedicated social media employee in 2007 and has worked with its partner Turner Sports to make social media a core part of their editorial and marketing focus.

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Surprisingly low scoring game!

Lots of hard hitting so far in the SB. Surpising for 2 finesse teams!