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Finally watching “Inglourious Basterds” on Blu Ray!

Game face is ON!!!!

Flight cancelled. Being put onto a later flight. :-(

Now taxiing BACK to the gate! We were soooo close!

No delay? Spoke waaaaaaaay too soon!

Boarded my flight to CHI. Miracle we’re not delayed due to rain in NYC.

Headed to Chicago… again!

Work, beer, football. Not necessarily in that order and not necessarily in equal amounts!

TwitPic of Napping Transit Worker Sparks Media Controversy

A single TwitPic of a napping transit ticket collector in Toronto, Canada has jump-started a major controversy that has made Toronto???s transit agency, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), the target of citizen and media anger.


Dunno why but all day today the lyrics from this one song from the Ying Yang twins has been going through my head! Not even a fan! :-S

Jumped off weekly call to grab lunch delivery. Think I’ll be missed? LOL

Logging my latest info into Daily Burn (, a great social way to supercharge your workout goals!

Taking a break from writing preso to get in a workout with wifey.

Help the Haiti Text Message Campaign Raise $20 Million By Midnight

The Red Cross text messaging campaign has raised nearly $18 million for Haiti relief, according to the State Department’s Katie J Stanton today. Just four days ago we reported that the total had passed $5 million.

Promos during the NFL playoffs helped boost donations, Stanton explains on her Twitter feed. Now she’s encouraging her followers to break the $20 million mark by midnight (EST, we assume).

Entire article


Freddie Prinze Jr. on 24? If Sarah Michelle Gellar makes an appearance…..

From Mashable – German Government: Stop Using Internet Explorer

Burson/Proof welcomes new hire BL Ochman aboard!!!


Is on the most packed flight from Chicago EVER!!!!!

Off to the Windy city again.

At Town Tavern with a pack of rowdy Eagles fans! Let’s go Birds!!!!

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From: Chris Gee <>
Date: January 3, 2010 4:44:47 PM EST
Subject: At Town Tavern with a pack of rowdy Eagles fans! Let’s go Birds!!!!