Monthly Archives: November 2009

Very annoyed to learn that the Starbucks at the Thomas Edison stop on NJ trnpk doesn’t honor 10% off on sbux gold cards! How lame is that?


A tribute to Allen Iverson. Practice, da remix!!!!

How To Use Twitter For Business

Many of us will find this review but I think there are many more people out there for whom this will be very helpful. I also love the way this was put together. .chris{}

At Rohm Thai picking up my lunch and listening to vintage O’Jays on the house speakers. “She used to be my girrrrrrl!”

Happy to be watching folks sing and make a fool of themselves at Burson Idol and none of them is ME! For a change!!!

Watching Gingrich and Sharpton on Meet the Press, appearing together as education reform BFFs. Checking outside to see if pigs are flying!!!