TripIt ??? a great online (and now mobile) resource for travelers.

I’ve recently started using TripIt when I travel and I’m really impressed with how well the service works. There are numerous products on the market that will keep track of your travel itinerary but one of the things that makes TripIt so efficient is how easy it is to insert your itinerary into its system. You just simply forward the itinerary you receive once you’ve completed your travel plans to “” and TripIt automatically imports all the information into the system. That’s it! Frankly, it’s impressive how well this works, yielding very few results. 

Once your account is setup and your plans have been imported, there are also some pretty handy social features as well. You can share your itinerary with others as well as invite friends/colleagues to be able to view your past and future travel plans. You can even add a TripIt app into your LinkedIn account and compare travel plans with those in your network. TripIt will even provide suggestions for those in your network who are going to be in the same location that you are traveling to. 

And the part I really love, if you like TripIt so much you want to be able to access your info on the go ??? there’s an app for that! LOL! TripIt includes both an iPhone and Blackberry applications. For a little extra ($49 per year) you can upgrade to a Pro version which allows you to add an “inner circle” of contacts, as well as mobile alerts (regarding delays, gate changes, etc.) and recommended options for alternate flights. 



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