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Kudos to the Jennie-O Turkey Store team, again, for snagging the iNOVA Grand Award in the Food and Beverage Websites category. I’m proud of the work our entire team did on this project and am happy to work with such a talented team every day!Jennie-O Turkey Store: Grand winner.



Some Props to the NYT

OK, so in my last entry I was pretty hard on the site and how “slow, plodding and innovation-averse” it ??? and almost all other similar newspapers ??? tend to be in an increasingly digital era. Well now I need to give them a few props.Today, I just found the Times’ “Inside the Playbook” section, where it offers original, 3-D generated videos that break-down certain key plays and strategy in NFL football games. Now those of you who know me, know that I’m a pretty passionate (embarrassingly so, sometimes) Philadelphia Eagles fan, so this was a pretty interesting find for me, personally. See the video grab below:This is actually a very cool feature. As shown above, it gives step-by-step insight into the strategy employed, as well as a very realistic 3-D rendering of the play itself. The video shown above is the “Explanation” view.There is also an “Aerial view”:

Aerial view
as well as “Player’s view”:

Player’s view
Most of what I said regarding the site, as well as the rest of the newspaper industry and their sites, still applies. But I wanted to post this because I am very impressed by the use of this interactive technology! Kudos!!!.chris{}

Steve Jobs Buys Ailing New York Times!


Steve Jobs holding a copy of newly-acquired New York Times
OK, not really. But imagine if you woke up this morning, glanced at the headlines and saw that this HAD happened? If Steve Jobs HAD purchased the New York Times. Now imagine what kind of changes we’d expect to see at the New York Times (or insert any large, ailing newspaper). One thing is for sure, we would cease to see business as usual.The New York Times would change. And not only would the paper itself change, the industry in general would change with it.I got to thinking about this after I published my entry The End of Print, As We Know It as well as after publishing Mobile Phones FINALLY Get Smart ??? Kinda. Think about the backwards, plodding, change-averse U.S. mobile industry before the iPhone was released 1 1/2 years ago. Mobile technology had made shockingly little progress when compared to the pace of technological innovation in most other industries and certainly when compared to the mobile industries in Europe and Asia. The iPod was a jolt to the system of the plodding mobile industry, much as the iPod had been to the portable digital music industry in 2001.The newspaper industry is every bit as slow, plodding and change-averse as the U.S. mobile industry was. Maybe more so. Faced with substantial changes or death, it would seem that the industry has chosen the latter, as the steep dive in U.S. circulations may only be rivaled by the steep declines in newspaper profits.

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