Monthly Archives: April 2007

Crashing the Dinner Party

Ever been to a dinner party where everyone knows each other, shares common interests and the group is engaged in a conversation where everyone is involved and allowed to participate? Now imagine that how you would have felt if someone you did not know had entered the party, occupied one of the seats and interrupted the conversation to tell you all about how they were doing, about their great job and all the wonderful things that they were up to.To say the least you’d be put off by such an intrusion. Regardless of what this individual was really like as a person, your first impression of them would be that they are rude, ill-mannered and completely self-absorbed because they have shown no interest in easing themselves into your group, gracefully entering the conversation and becoming a part of the overall group dynamic.While very few of us would ever act this way in the real world, many PR professionals, members of the media and marketers find themselves making these types of social faux pas on a daily basis in social applications all over the Internet.

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