Monthly Archives: December 2006

Gizmo saved the podcasts

OK, I know I promised that podcasts would resume a little while ago and I even recorded a podcast around the time I said I would. Problem is that apparently the new version of Skype on the Mac is terrible with regards to echo cancellation. I recorded a podcast that is completely unusable because it is full of echo on the side of the interviewee.Thankfully Secret Cameraman from Beach Walks with Rox turned me onto a piece of software called Gizmo Project. Gizmo project is great! It works just like Skype in terms of allowing you to make free computer-to-computer calls as well as cheap computer-to-land/cell phone calls. Best of all, it has built-in recording capability so I don’t have to use software like AudioHijack.Stay tuned, I’ll try to have a podcast out for Christmas. Ho, ho, ho!!!.chris{}