The Education of a Graphic Designer -Book review

Noted graphic design author and editor, Steven Heller, has added another title to his list of over ninety books. Actually, The Education of a Graphic Designer, has been a staple for design educators since 1998. The recently published second edition seamlessly picks up where the first edition left off. Edited by Heller, this edition has forty new essays, bringing the title into the 21st Century.The Education of a Graphic Designer, tackles tough issues about how we learn what we learn and how we teach what we teach. Contributors explore ideas and methods to enhance design education and produce better equipped graphic designers. The book is comprehensive with topics ranging from design theory to the problem with problem solving, the designer as producer to the designer as author, motion graphics to environmental responsibility.Gone are the days of starting a graphic design career with 50 bucks, a couple of markers, a 360 pad and a t-square. Whether working for a firm, corporation or independently, today????????s professional graphic designer is part artist, typographer, technician, business person, marketer, anthropologist, researcher and more. Heller and his contributors provide a map through the maze of a very complex educational process.Thought provoking, challenging and inspirational, this tome isn????????t just for educators. It????????s also an excellent resource for practitioners. The concepts discussed in the book will no doubt get novice and seasoned veterans thinking. Thought spawns ideas. Ideas spark dialogue and dialogue is good for the graphic design industry-at-large.Whether you????????re a graphic design educator, student, recent grad or an experienced pro, The Education of a Graphic Designer will be a valuable addition to your library.


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