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Podcast #11: Design Education, w/ Brian Stone

We’ve spoken about the state of design education on so many occaisions, I was happy to have fellow UArts alum R. Brian Stone, associate professor in the Department of Design at Ohio State University, sit with us for a discussion.Listen to this episode

  • 0:01:51 Brian Stone discusses the interdisciplinary collaboration between GD students, ID students and Interior Design students at OSU
  • 0:06:04 New ways of design thinking for design students
  • 0:10:00 The relationship between design educators and design firm professionals
  • 0:34:43 The process of designing
  • 0:46:30 The need for design students to learn about business

Podcast #10: Jason Fried of 37signals

Jason Fried of 37signals chatted with us a little bit about some of their product offerings, establishing new, design-related revenue streams and gave us a preview of their new, upcoming book. Take a listen!Listen to this episode

  • 0:01:40 Who is 37signals and what do they do?
  • 0:07:42 Why 37signals doesn’t do client projects and web sites any more
  • 0:11:28 New business models and revenue streams for designers
  • 0:27:28 37signals’ book “Defensive Driving for the Web”
  • 0:35:02 How the collective 37signals team members collaborate remotely
  • 0:40:40 The team and discipline break-down of team members
  • 0:48:35 Jason discusses their new, upcoming book

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New design = new ways of thinking

Recently Apple Computer introduced its new iPod, which features the ability to play both audio and video, and in 20 days the company has managed to sell 1 million videos via its iTunes music store.This is a remarkable feat considering that Apple is only currently offering a very limited offering of music videos and TV. And Apple’s entry into the video arena came as something of a surprise to most, who would have figured that Microsoft, RealPlayer or Sony would have been the most logical players to stake their first meaningful claim into this area.

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