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Podcast #8: Robert Wurth, improving designer/client relationships

In the aftermath of the stolen logos scandal, Robert Wurth and I discussed the commoditization of design and how designers can strive to improve designer/client relationships. We went a little long today but it was a great conversation with a lot of value.Listen to this episode

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LogoWorks backs out of Friday podcast

This afternoon, “LogoGate” takes a strange turn. After boasting that “my mind is now prepared” and stating on many boards and blogs that he was looking forward to speaking with me during our previously scheduled podcast tomorrow, Jeff Kearl, LogoWorks’ Chief Marketing Officer, abruptly cancelled.Here is what he had to say:

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Two LogoWorks designers speak

Well it has been quite a busy week so far for LogoWorks and its employees. Particularly the last 24 hours. At some point, we may know the reason for LogoWorks recent flurry of activity. As for now, I took the opportunity to speak with two current LogoWorks freelancers whom I met on the HOW Magazine discussion forum.MollyThe first person I spoke to is a pleasant woman whom we’ll refer to as “Molly”. Molly is married with children and lives in the Salt Lake City area. She spoke very positively about LogoWorks and lept to their defense in the hostile waters at the HOW forum. Admittedly, I was skeptical. There are quite a few new users with accounts not even one day old who have mobilized in the defense of LogoWorks of late.

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Well it looks like Jeff Kearl, LogoWorks/Arteis Chief Marketing Officer, has had his hands full. He has issued several official responses to the raging controversy over LogoWorks and the stolen/copied logos. Here is the response he left as a comment to one of the posts on this very blog. We’ll be speaking with Jeff via podcast interview this Friday. I’ll try and get the podcast up as quickly on Friday as possible. Stay tuned!

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The LogoWorks controversy rages on

This story has legs! Still no response from the LogoWorks folks. Maybe they don’t check email over the weekends?The design community, however, has been very busy this weekend! Here is a link to the blog of Katz-i International, where Cat Morley has compiled a great list of links and resources related to the whole LogoWorks debacle.Also, Von Glitschka of Bad Design Kills, has been keeping a running gallery of “suspicious coincedences” between logos that LogoWorks sold to their clients and other designers created previously..chris{}

An open letter to the Wall Street Journal

Dear Wall Street Journal Editors,My name is Christopher A. Gee and I am owner of an interaction design firm called Cube Interactive, LLC. I also run a design industry blog called for which I write regularly and record weekly podcasts.I read your June 15th, 2005 article about the firm LogoWorks entitled “Firm Offers Design Talent For Logos at Bargain Prices”. It was a wonderfully written and upbeat article about a unique enterprise that utilizes the Internet to connect independent designers with small businesses in order to supply low-cost logos.It gives me great pain to inform you that your reporters did not do enough homework with respect to LogoWorks. There is, by now, a great deal of evidence to support the notion that they have sold logos (or at the very least, represent them as their own work from their website) that were created by other designers, not LogoWorks or LogoWorks’ designers.

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More LogoWorks’ greatest rips

Original on the left from a MN company, LogoWorks rip on right


And another

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