Podcast #4: GK VanPatter, NextDesign Institute

A very interesting conversation with GK VanPatter of NextDesign Leadership Institute. We discussed the work being done at NextD and the challenges facing designers today and in the future. NextD believes they have the tools to help designers cope with those challenges. Find out how!Listen to this episodeShow notes:

  • 0:00:50 What is NextD?
  • 0:03:17 Disturbing trends in design leadership
  • 0:08:05 The reaction of design schools to NextD
  • 0:09:57 The need for new design/innovation skills
  • 0:20:04 Desginers need better language skills. (NextD Mindscapes)
  • 0:30:09 The process of solving problems; old vs. new
  • 0:35:00 How design organizations are reacting to NextD
  • 0:38:24 Changing methods, NextD Journal conversation with Lorraine Justice
  • 0:45:47 Design publications and their effects on design methods
  • 0:47:30 Disconnected designers (Dept. of Labor study, APFD study)
  • 0:50:46 Design publications
  • 0:54:00 How NextD helps designers collaborate with professionals in other disciplines
  • 0:59:26 What next? A designers’ plan of action!



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