Say it ain’t so, Seth!

I was really surprised to read an entry on marketing guru Seth Godin’s blog where he defends the use of stock logos! That’s right, Mr. Differentiate, the man who condemned the “cult of ‘good enough'” has seemingly contradicted the Hell out of himself in advocating the purchase of logos that are “good enough”.Obviously aware of the apparent inconsistency, Godin defends his curious position by stating “What I hope you’ll see is that all a logo needs is to be GOOD ENOUGH (I know, I’m the guy who says good enough is a curse). Why is it okay to have a non-wonderful logo? Because the logo is just a placeholder. It gains value AFTER it hits the world, because people associate things with it.”Wha????? As a fan of Seth’s and having read his books in the past, my immediate thought is “Seth, I want my money back!”

What happened to the Seth Godin who urged us in his book “All Marketers Are Liars” that it’s not enough to tell a good story (or a lie), that your business has to LIVE it!” Meaning that the core image and positive attributes you are selling to your market has to permeate on every level in your business or clients will NOT buy it or you?What ever happened to the Seth who urged us to come up with great ideas? How does that square with using a stock logo???? How do I differentiate myself if dozens, or hundreds, of other companies are using the same $50 logo that I’m using? And what does that say about me? If I think so little of my own marketing that I would use a cookie-cutter solution, how do I sell clients on the fact that they should pay my fees for a custom solution? In other words, why should they believe my lie if I obviously don’t believe it myself?It’s a curious position for Seth. The man who has inspired all of us by advocating originality, differentiation and good ideas has endorsed the ordinary, cookie-cutter and unoriginal.Maybe something terrible has happened? Maybe anti-marketing terrorists have abducted Seth, are holding him in a secret location and have taken to writing on his blog in order to undo all of the great marketing advice he has given over the years?DON’T WORRY SETH!!!! WE’LL SAVE YOU!!!!.chris{}


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