Prepared Minds

It’s always great when I come across great design blogs with intelligent, insightful content and passionate writers. Luckily for me I’ve discovered THREE over the weekend!Niti Bhan’s excellent blog Perspective, which takes on many issues relating to business and design; Ralf Beuker’s equally excellent blog Design Management, which is an excellent resource on design management and business; and finally Does Size Matter? another great blog that deals with issues not only related to design and business but also the intriguing subject of the comparison of “whether large full service companies are better than smaller specialized firms in a loosely knit alliance, sourcing design, innovation, strategy”.Not too long ago I ranted about how the most designer blogs and forums devote more time to the HOW of design (software, programming, techniques, etc.) and not enough time on the WHY of design (management, strategy, business practices, etc.). Now, thankfully, I have to take some of that back..chris{}


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