Others are speaking up on certification

Speak Up’s Gunnar Swanson has jumped into the fray once again with an entry exploring the possibilities of GD certification in the U.S.Asking that the notion of certification itself not be debated, Swanson has asked that the posts and replies restrict themselves to what certification should certify and whether certification is needed or licensing is needed. He Defines the two as follows:

Certification means that some group makes an affirmation of qualifications. That could involve portfolio reviews, written tests, background checks??????? you name it. Only people who are certified can claim to be certified but there are no restrictions on practicing and doing business for non-certified folk.Licensing means a state law prohibits anyone from practicing unless they have met particular qualifications. You can????????t practice law, prescribe medicine, braid hair, operate a taxicab, or act as a building contractor most places unless you have a license.

He then posed the following questions:

Question #1: What should certification certify? What specific qualifications or skills should be demonstrated to be certified? Why? (No complaints about the impossibility of testing for talent, just what should be considered and why.)Question #2: What should licensing allow? In other words, what specifically should unlicensed people be prohibited from doing?

While not all the rules in terms of not debating the overall idea of certification were followed, a lively discussion has erupted there. By this morning it looks like the entry has attracted 90+ comments!.chris{}


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