How To Be A Professional Graphic Designer

Every graphic designer has to, at one time or another, have wondered how to perform the simple every day tasks that are necessary in any business. How do I market my design services? Where do I find an independent contractor agreement? Where do I find a graphic designer’s copyright agreement and what should a good one look like? What kind of staff does a design consultancy require?At many points I’m sure we all have wondered “wouldn’t it be great if someone wrote a handbook on how to be a professional graphic designer?” Well guess what? Someone DID!The Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario are now on their second edition of their handbook “The Business of Graphic Design: A Professional’s Handbook.”

It is described on the RGD/ON site this way:

This book covers professional business management as it applies to graphic design and the maintenance of a graphic design business. It provides an understanding of: the proper education and training of a graphic designer, how to work with clients, print and web technology principles, and how to administer, market ansd staff a design consultancy.This second edition covers the same range of topics as the first, all designed to heighten your understanding of professional business practices and management in the graphic design industry, RGD Ontario members and others in he profession have reported they frequently refer to the book to help them in their jobs, their business, and their communication with clients.

Sounds great, right? Well for all you Americans, sorry but certain aspects of the book, like the legal aspects, are all based on Canadian laws. And the Rules of Professional Conduct? Forget those, we’re American Graphic Designers and thus we have no established Rules of Professional Conduct to speak of.The book also features a list of handy form documents which can be downloaded for free as PDF documents. Even if you happen to work in the U.S., some of these forms are not necessarily Canada-specific and can probably be used as is:1. Client / Design Brief2. Design Purchase Order3. Request for Estimate Printing Purchase Order4. In-house Estimate Worksheet5. Retainer Form Letter6. Client Estimate / Quotation7. Design Proposal Letter8. Change Work Form9. Time Sheet10. Job Scheduling Grid11. Job Approval Form12. Billing Job Jacket13. Invoice14. Independent Contractor Agreement (General)15. Independent Contractor Agreement (project-specific)16. Model / Talent Release Form17. Employee Contract18. Employee Performance Evaluation Form19. Copyright AgreementWouldn’t it be GREAT if we had something like this in the U.S. market? Hmmmmmmmmm…..chris{}


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