Businesses That Invest in Design Are More Successful

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to us but a study by the British Design Council has concluded that “the more businesses use design, the more successful they????????re likely to be.”The Design Council’s study, which feautred 1,500 interviews with chief executives and heads of design, was a national study of how businesses benefit from the use of design.

  • Design in Britain reveals a link between the use of design and getting new ideas to the market. Nearly seven out of ten companies who see design as integral have launched a new product or service in the last three years, compared to only 32 per cent of companies overall and just 3 per cent of companies where design plays no role at all.
  • While only 30% of UK businesses are investing in design, the research suggests they are getting good value for money. On average, they expected a 50 per cent return on their most successful project, but they actually got a return of more than 75 per cent.
  • 11% of companies would be more likely to use designers if they were professionally accredited

Interesting stuff! I encourage all of you to download the PowerPoint document..chris{}


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